Autor: Controltec, Inc.

A Customizable Provider Portal

KinderConnect is a web-based provider portal that saves time spent on everyday administrative tasks while minimizing the possibility of fraud.
KinderConnect can be completely tailored to your organization’s particular needs and state regulatory requirements. Administrators can control everything from program access to report generation, attendance submission, printing, and more.

Say goodbye to over-complicated processes, extended wait times, and missing checks. In KinderConnect, providers are able to look up agency payment status by child. As a result, agencies experience far fewer phone calls from providers inquiring about their payments.

Gain access to all the information you need, whenever you need it. KinderConnect’s reports enable agencies to track child attendance and services for all centers in their systems. Authorized timesheets can be printed and signed by parents, guardians, and providers for audit purposes.

Agencies in states from coast to coast rely on KinderConnect to keep their operations streamlined and work with providers in a straightforward and timely manner. Even where online attendance is impossible or unpermitted, users can download attendance sheets from KinderConnect, thereby saving on monthly printing and mailing costs.

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