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Retail loyalty app - A well tested solution for retail by retail

For Retailers By Retailers

Lobyco offers a range of white-label software solutions that empower retailers with the tools and knowledge needed to increase customer loyalty and drive traffic to stores. We aim to enable our customers with improving their consumers' everyday life by making it easier and more fun to plan and purchase better products. 

With our white-label solution and services retailers are able to engage their consumers wherever they are and increase satisfaction by providing a frictionless and interesting shopping experience. We believe in the effect of the loop, by engaging with consumers at home, motivating them to go to store, and creating a fun and frictionless shopping experience while they are there.

Lobyco was established by Coop Danmark, the leading grocery retailer in Danmark,  when they started their transformation to a digital front-runner in 2014. Retail runs in our veins and enables us to serve our retail clients with domain knowledge and expertise in how to successfully launch a digital loyalty program. 

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