Autor: Crane KFT.

ARMSys - Audience Relationship Management System

In order to maximize customer experience cultural institutions need a customized and affordable solution to handle their complexity of multiple genres and audience segments, membership and donation schemes.
ARMsys was built to deal with culture industry’s requirements, while also incorporating for-profit processes. Built-in innovative tools help recognition of key contributors and deep audience understanding that leads to activating and relevant offers and promotions, at the same time, easy integration supports having all data cleansed, standardized and structured in one place.
Customized communication leads to higher conversion and involvement, with that loyalty and emotional bonding is built – higher frequency of visits, purchase and donations is reached as proven by our clients’ experiences.
Culture.Crane ARMSYs + Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Azure jointly ensures security as all data and communications are encrypted ARMSys will store your data within the EU, besides being GDPR compliant, provides seamless integrations with familiar Microsoft platforms and is supported by the leading and most-secure online cloud platform in the world.
ARMSys offers the benefits of a tailor-made solution at affordable price that assists audience intelligence-driven holistic experience management, throughout customer life-cycle.

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