BaselineZ: 3D Visualization & Remote Collaboration

Autor: Craytive Technologies

Meet and work together in 3D from anywhere in the world.

Working together is more challenging than ever. Especially if you are working on 3D Geoscience projects with colleagues, partners and customers at different places around the world. BaselineZ provides a true 3D Immersive Visualization and Collaboration environment where people from around the globe can meet and discuss 3D Geoscience Holographic Models to make better informed decisions in less time.

Using Mixed, Virtual and Augmented Reality on a variety of mobile devices and headsets (like Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Quest, iOS and Android), we share 3D Geoscience models and content, directly in your own work environment, wherever you are on the globe.

The main concept of BaselineZ:

  1. Visualize your 3D Geoscience Models in Mixed, Virtual and Augmented Reality.
  2. Collaborate from anywhere around the world with your colleagues.
  3. Host 3D meetings and make better qualified decisions together in less time.

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