Autor: Crowdkeep, LLC

Enabling IoT-powered workforce management

With Crowdkeep's IoT platform, eliminate the tedious processes of your business while increasing accountability and productivity.

Crowdkeep delivers IoT analytics, industrial asset management, and time-capture services to customers worldwide with fast, reliable servers that could withstand extreme environmental conditions and demanding workloads. Set up IoT gateways and sensors on your job site with zero configuration. The IoT gateways automatically record when employees arrive, when they leave, and where they are throughout the day. Analyze accurate data about your worksite in real-time. Automatically integrate with payroll, accounting, invoicing, and other systems.

With IoT Gateways and BLE Sensors, get real-time and historical data on features such as temperature, humidity, air quality, security, and equipment conditions. Our IoT hardware connects through zero-config, requires no wifi, integrates with existing software, and does not require an IT team to deploy.

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