Corolar CVC: Integrated Telemedicine

Dapasoft Inc.

Corolar Virtual Care (CVC), an Integrated Telemedicine app on Microsoft Azure and Teams

CVC is an Azure and Teams native app. It integrates with EHRs/EMRs and enterprise scheduling systems in acute and ambulatory care providers to enable urgent and scheduled virtual care. CVC customers report very high provider and patient satisfaction as CVC optimizes provider and patient user experience.    

Using CVC health IT CIOs can providers…

  • Integrated telemedicine/virtual care for efficient patient registration and intake
  • Clinic and appointment specific intake form(s)
  • Clinic specific patient queues for clinician
  • Clinic specific care-pathways for streamlined workflow
  • On-demand notification/call-back to patients
  • Clinic specific virtual lobby’s for patients  
  • Clinic and appointment specific notifications and reminders to patients

  • Ninety-six percent (96%) of patients who experience virtual care using CVC report that they would recommend the virtual care service to others! In short, CVC can significantly improve patient’s user experience during virtual care. 

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