Smart HR - Modern People Management

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Azure-based solution designed to help any business size to automate employee expense reporting

SmartHR is an Azure-based solution designed to help small to large businesses automate employee expense reporting. It enables users and HR Managers to generate, submit, approve and process reports for multiple expenses on a platform integrated with Office 365 authentication. Primary features of SmartHR include a simple interface, multi-language support, managers definitions for expenses flow and approval, integration with third-party credit card and invoice systems. Your employees can make their expense claim by taking a picture of their receipt and finding the data automatically converted to an expense. Every aspect of SmartHR is mobile-ready and can be extended with custom coding, feel free to contact us! The product can be deployed in your Azure subscription, so your data will never exit your security boundary to be GDPR compliant The product is available on a per user annual subscription plan and support is available by email (English and Italian)

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