DataVisor AI-Powered Fraud Management Solution for Shipping an...


Proactively prevent fraudsters from rerouting or shipping packages to malicious places in real time.

DataVisor's AI-powered fraud management solutions empower shipping and delivery companies to proactively prevent fake and compromised accounts from rerouting or shipping packages to unusual addresses. The solutions help ensure platform safety, protect good customers, and reduce fraud losses.

The DataVisor's solutions deliver 99% accuracy , less than 1% false-positive rate, and up to 10x detection uplift by processing structured and unstructured data, leveraging enriched features, and building advanced machine learning models to identify fast-evolving fraud patterns, malicious devices, and bad actors. 
The solutions also empower analysts and investigators to reduce overhead and accelerate review efficiency by 10x-100x, by providing advanced case management capabilities such as automatic actions, linkage analysis and bulk decisions. 

  • Early detection before damage happens
  • Great customer experience without any friction
  • Rapid time to value without relying on historical data
  • 99%+ accuracy and 10x detection uplift
  • 10x to 100x operational efficiency increase
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