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Platform for search, analysis, and investigations

Organizations doing investigations in law enforcement, intelligence, insurance, and other sectors often face challenges trying to access, connect, and analyze large volumes of data across multiple data silos.

DataWalk is a software platform that enables you to link all your data together in one database, and then quickly find patterns, anomalies and bad actors across your many data sources, even if you have billions of records. You can search across all of your data, and then instantly analyze via visual queries, link analysis, and geospatial analysis. You can also extend your capabilities by easily reaching out to external data sources such as subscription services, social media, and other Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) sources, and integrating that data with your internal sources.

With these capabilities, DataWalk enables you to get answers up to 10X faster than with traditional solutions; provides you with better, more reliable results, and costs just a fraction the price of alternative Enterprise-class systems.

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