Decisyon Digital Cockpit

Autor: Decisyon

Collect info from people and data sources via smart multi-touch boards in the shopfloor

Decisyon Digital Factory’s Digital Cockpit solution allows you to create operational commitment and transparent exchange of information about your line productivity and effectiveness, plan and schedule attainment and more. It provides you with an unprecedented, holistic performance perspective and full digitalization of the lean manufacturing process with the ability to evaluate its health in daily activities. You can verify the relationship between planned and scheduled output in all company processes, collecting information from people and data sources, identifying unsolved issues via smart multi-touch boards. From there, you can query historical data, and quickly propose simple actions or complex projects to fulfill the targets, via the collaborative and visual environment, and link the outcome with the next level of review.


  •  View and insert data and KPIs in interactive boards, highlighting planned and actual results
  • Drill down into line and production data to pinpoint root causes of issues
  • Capture actions within a knowledge-base for future problem resolution
  • Encapsulate and aggregate information during formal review meetings
  • Enable performance dialogue through targeted visual dashboards and analytics
  • Facilitate reporting, decision making and management at all levels of the operation


  • Pharma
  • Consumer Goods and F&B
  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Bottling

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