Deep Lens VIPER™ for Healthcare Providers

Autor: Deep Lens, Inc

Patient pre-screening platform for oncology clinical trials for use by cancer centers and networks.

Deep Lens and Microsoft are focused on a groundbreaking approach to faster recruitment of the best-suited cancer patients to clinical trials. By identifying patients at the time of diagnosis and combining lab, EMR, and genomic data, VIPER™, Deep Lens’ integrated cloud platform, provides care teams with visibility and workflows to accelerate recruitment and compress study timelines to bring game-changing therapies to market sooner. Deep Lens challenges the status quo by deploying VIPER free of charge to provider networks so that patients can get the therapies they want and deserve.  

Industry Challenge:
Clinical trial recruitment remains challenging with low participation and enrollment due to complex and siloed data, limited connectivity and interoperability, and ineffective manual tools for physicians and care teams.  More than 15,000 oncology clinical trials are actively recruiting patients; yet estimates put the rate of participation as low as three percent of potential trial candidates.  Identifying cancer patients who could benefit from a clinical trial is a time-consuming manual process today with hundreds of documents leading to inconsistencies in the screening, thereby leading to missed opportunities in the narrow window when patients could qualify for a trial.  

VIPER enables cancer care teams, clinical trial sponsors and trial coordinators to immediately and automatically match patients based on the genetic profile of their cancers to the best precision therapies and oncology clinical trials. 
VIPER is a HIPAA-compliant public cloud service that accesses data “behind the firewall” at participating sites and automatically ingests data from pathology systems at the time of diagnosis, and from electronic medical records and genetic test results from top genetic testing labs globally. VIPER acts as an AI-driven screening platform for research coordinators and care teams, to find the best available clinical trials for a patients’ specific diagnosis—at the time of diagnosis.  Through workflow integration, VIPER sends real-time notifications of a patient's eligibility for available clinical trials to the entire care team in the narrow enrollment window. VIPER also provides real-time interactive dashboards with rich data mining capabilities to aggregate site and study level patient data to track key metrics and trial performance. 
The combination of VIPER’s artificial intelligence solution, workflow design, communication optimization and the research coordination services provides sponsors and research sites the best opportunity to connect the right patient, to the right trial, at the right time – it’s realization of personalized medicine.  

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