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Automated commission management

Reduce errors and time spent in calculating commissions

Automate your commission calculation processes and save up to 86% of time spent in commission management

Staying focused on generating revenue and developing strategies to retain the best sales representatives can take time and effort. But with Blitz, say goodbye to payment errors, manual processes, and spreadsheets. Our flexible, easy-to-use, and centralized platform enables your teams to keep track of their commissions and performance while providing real-time data and control.

Automate sales commission calculation using a centralized platform that allows you to eliminate spreadsheets and increase productivity while improving collaboration between sales teams and departments.

Blitz Benefits

  • Commissions Automation
Optimize from the most complex to the simplest calculations on a flexible and easy-to-use platform.
  • Commissions Tracking

Visualize the total amount of commissions generated during each period and generate real-time reports to evaluate your salespeople's performance.

  • Real-time Configuration

Set up, adjust, and design customized commission and bonus plans in real-time.

  • Dashboards and Reports

Facilitate strategic decision-making through detailed reports and real-time data.

  • Inquiry Module for Sales Teams

Improve communication and address inquiries between your sales and compensation teams on a centralized platform instead of email.

  • Configuration without relying on an IT department

Flexible and easy-to-use rule designer that does not require pre-configuration or support from an IT department. Blitz connects easily with all the systems your teams currently rely on, providing accurate and seamless commission management.

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