Digital Twin Starter Pack

Autor: Digital Twinning Australia

Looking to solve a critical asset problem? Start small and scale with the digital twin starter pack.

Digital Twinning Australia has 3 service offerings:

Platform as a Service - We build a scalable dynamic digital twin platform.
Data as a Service - We deliver sustained digital twin decision making integrity.
Analytics as a Service - We produce continuous improvement analysis and feedback.

The starter pack gives you a glimpse of all 3 services, allowing you to build a minimum viable product and a defensible business case.

Getting Started:
Get started by creating your minimum viable product. We build something small that can be scaled so there are NO REGRETS initial investment.
For as little as AUD $150,000, the digital twin starter pack will give you a taste of all 3 of our offerings and will start and finish within 8 weeks.
Once your digital twin is built, from as little as AUD $10,000 per month we will maintain the digital twin and provide data integrity management and real-time analytics.

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