GlobalLinker Platform

Autor: DigiVation World Pte Ltd

An AI enabled SME networking platform allowing members to digitize their business and connect.

SMEs  are constantly faced with the challenges of  growing revenue, managing expenses, and business expansion, leading to survival and growth anxiety. On the other hand, progressive Corporations, Trade Associations, Governments find acquiring, engaging, servicing & doing business with SMEs difficult & uneconomical. GlobalLinker solves this challenge with over 350,000 registered SMEs, 8+ corporate issuers across 3 countries to prove that. 

Key Benefits for Corporates: 
  • Platform to onboard their SME’s onto, engage with them, and help them grow
  • Engage with SMEs in a trusted environment in order to help them achieve their big business dreams
  • Access meaningful insights on the SME segment to cross-promote their services in a contextually relevant manner 

Key Benefits for SMEs: 
One unified space for selling, learning, networking for SMEs


•Industry tips and hacks by entrepreneurs

•Event & workshops by domain experts
•Inspirational success stories

Leverage the growing ecosystem of over 300,000 SMEs to:
•Get matched with potential suppliers and buyers
•Meet fellow business owners
•Post business requirements and receive proposals from SME’s 


  • Make new connections, assisted by GlobalLinker’s algorithms 
  • Achieve economies of scale by gaining access to a wide range of business services at discounted rates 
  • Create an online store or business listings to sell products and services as a B2C or B2B set up

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