Dimonoff Statum

Autor: Dimonoff

Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution enabling real-time position and status report of critical equipment

Statum is an Industrial IoT system that keeps track of your important assets or products into your supply chains, your distribution networks or your buildings.

A whole suite of sensors compatible with Statum allow detecting different statuses of your assets, such as vibration, temperature, humidity, shock, movement, position, ambient light, etc. to avoid waste, breakdowns, theft and loss of time. The various advantages to using Statum depend on the combination of tags and sensors you need for you business.

Main benefits include:
  • Traceability of objects to allow monitoring the performance of supply chains, on your end as well as on suppliers' end
  • Awareness about all steps of your production and operations
  • Easy decision-making to increase efficiency of your logistics and inventory management
  • Real time and remote supervision of your business
  • Reduced operating costs by optimizing processes
  • And in the end, increased customer satisfaction !

Business cases include
  • Equipement inventory and tracking for the construction industry
  • Cold chain monitoring for the pharmaceutical, medical and food industry
  • Production Monitoring for the manufacturing industry

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