Check Point CloudGuard Posture Management


CloudGuard CSPM allows you to easily manage security and compliance in Azure environments

Check Point's CloudGuard Posture Management allows you to easily manage security and compliance in your Azure environments. You can assess security posture, detect misconfigurations, actively protect against attacks, and conform to best practices. 

Product Overview

CloudGuard Posture Management delivers security and compliance automation to enterprises as they scale in the public cloud. Using CloudGuard Posture Management, security teams can visualize cloud assets, continuously assess the security posture, model and enforce gold standard policies, and manage compliance and governance in all major public cloud environments. 
Dome9 was acquired by Check Point and is now part of the Check Point CloudGuard family of products.


  • End-to-end security and compliance capabilities that allow you to quickly assess security posture, identify risks and gaps, fix issues, actively enforce gold standard policies, and prove compliance in audits
  • Cloud-native, agentless protection for all Azure resources and services without the overhead of deploying and maintaining agents
  • An additional layer of protection for identity management against compromised credentials and insider threats, with privilege elevation on an as-needed basis and out-of-band authorization for critical updates.
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