Dubber Unified Call Recording and Analytics

Autor: Dubber Corp

#1 Compliance recording solution, fully certified for Microsoft Teams, with AI powered insights.

Dubber is the most compliant and secure cloud recording and AI insights solution for Microsoft Teams. Powered by Azure and fully certified for Microsoft Teams, it is ideal for businesses of any size – affordable, scalable and fast to deploy.

Unlock insights from every call or conversation to boost compliance, customer experience, coaching and dispute resolution with AI powered insights.

Capture and unify voice and video meetings in Dubber’s infinitely scalable Conversation Cloud - easy to search, replay and share with AI sentiment analysis, transcriptions, alerts and more. Easily integrate data into Power BI and other apps.

Dubber’s native app in Microsoft Teams makes it easy to manage with advanced recording controls to pause and resume recordings, record on-demand, or selectively manage which types of calls or meetings are recorded.

Why more businesses choose Dubber:
  • Capture & unify all your video calls, meetings and voice recordings in one secure, compliant platform.
  • Native to Microsoft Teams which means Dubber can be switched on with a click to automatically record and transcribe every call.
  • Advanced security, compliance & support - Enterprise grade security, compliance, reliability and 24x7 support.
  • Quickly and easily view and replay any conversation on your phone or from your browser.
  • Infinitely scalable in the cloud without the limits of legacy call recording - no hardware or services needed.
  • AI Powered insights with transcriptions, keyword search, sentiment and tone analysis and real-time notifications on every call.
  • Flexible plans and subscription pricing for all organizations.
  • Advanced Recording Controls - Pause and resume recordings, record on-demand or selectively manage which types of calls or meetings are recorded.
  • Open APIs to connect recordings and data to CRM’s, Power BI, dashboards, apps and more. Automate business processes, dashboards to surface trends and more.
  • Data Sovereignty - Dubber’s platform is global with regional recording hubs, ensuring that all data will always be held within their specified location.

For custom pricing or a private contract, please contact for a private offer.

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