Supply Chain Collaboration (RealCollab)

Autor: Real Variable Digital Assetservices Pvt. Ltd.

Connecting Manufacturer, Tier 1,2...nth level Supplier for Part Traceability, Origin & Usage

Real Variable is a Blockchain powered SCM platform & solutions company established in 2017 with operations in India & USA. We enable digital acceleration and cost saving benefits to organizations.


Industry Pain Points between Manufacturer / Tier 1 Supplier & counterparts

1) Complex Part Traceability in multi-tier Supplier Network.
2) Increased CoPQ (Cost of Poor Quality) & COGS (Cost of Goods Sold / unit) due to part failures.
3) Mass Recalls leading to financial & reputation loss.
4) Claim Litigation Incidents.

5) Disparate Systems with limited information exchange between parties.

Blockchain Powered RealCollab Solution:

1) RealCollab establishes Part Traceability in a complex multi-tier supplier network by establishing by establishing proof of delivery, part origin and usage using Blockchain technology & smart contracts between Manufacturer / Tier 1 Suppliers & counterparts. 

2) Solution seamlessly integrates with existing ERP / SAP systems. Tier 2 /3 / 4 suppliers will be able to perform SCM transactions / data upload to establish part traceability to nth Tier Supplier.

Business Benefits for Manufacturer / Tier 1 Supplier:

1)  Establish part traceability right up to nth Tier Supplier. 

2)  Reduced CoPQ, COGS due to increased visibility order, Inspection information availability and its failure rates.

3)  Targeted Recalls due Part / Supplier Traceability information upto nth Tier Supplier.

4)  Permanent audit trail of movement of part from its source to destination, reducing opportunities for fraud.

5)  Increased trust among entities due to Immutability, encryption through Blockchain technology.

6)  Reduction in claim litigation incidents between entities.

Value Proposition:

1)  Estimated 1 to 5% reduction in COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) / unit.

2)  As per SCM review, the total net benefit increases by 13% with Blockchain Tech. & Smart Contracts.

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