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Make Buildings Count

The EDGE Next platform offers a seamless solution to optimizing any office building’s performance, making it smarter, healthier, and more sustainable. The platform uses multiple sensors and sources to not only gather data, but also to deliver valuable and actionable insights.

It’s the ultimate tool to enable buildings, companies and people to thrive.
EDGE Next offers you an integrated smart building solution. We correlate data in terms of asset usage (occupancy), sustainable performance (energy consumption) and wellbeing (indoor conditions) in order to provide you a single pain view on building performance and where and how to optimize.

Our IoT & SaaS solution can transform any traditional building to a Smart office building by using our sensor suite and BMS connection to provide valuable insights in building performance for both buildings owners and tenants.

1. Energy & Sustainability
Energy consumption, energy reduction and optimization of energy usage

2. Wellbeing - Indoor Climate
Optimization of the indoor climate & air quality by monitoring:
    • Air Quality - CO2
    • Thermal Comfort
    • Humidity levels
    • Indoor pollution TVOCs, PM2.5 & PM10
    • Sound levels (dBA)
    • WELL & Fitwel certification/monitoring

3. Asset Usage & Occupancy
Insights in how your building/portfolio is being utilized.
Occupancy and Asset Usage module helps to optimize the utilization of your portfolio.

Customer Success Reports & Expert Sessions
Included in the SaaS fee are our regular customer success ‘Reports & Expert Sessions’
Reporting on your building performance and advisory sessions with industry experts.

Quarterly expert reports and sessions on how your building is performing against the key targets you have set.
Management level summaries on what is going great, where there is space for improvement and where urgent action should be taken.
Making it easy to engage various stakeholders in achieving the goals of your smart building program.

Target group
The EDGE Next platform has been successfully deployed in Commercial Real Estate, Hotels and Retail environments.
Typical users are Corporate Real Estate, Building owners, Building operators, Tenants.
Any company that wants to reduce energy and increase the performance of their building can benefit.

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