AssistEdge Discover

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AssistEdge Discover offers enterprises with a framework to Capture, Automate and Monitor key process

AssistEdge Discover

AssistEdge Discover offers enterprises with a framework to Capture, Automate and Monitor key processes.
    •  It offers a scientific, empirical approach free from human bias to identify process automation & transformation opportunities.
    • The data-centric approach provides granular process visibility, process visualization and crucial business insights to uncover inefficiencies
    • It helps accelerate process automation and enables enterprises to accurately automate processes with coverage of all variations. This enables achievement of faster RoI on automated processes.
    • Discover’s data can be continuously monitored to improve process-worker efficiency.

User Benefits
    • Capture data, Intelligently - Captures human-machine interaction non-intrusively and works across complex enterprise IT landscape
    • Generate process visualization - Automatically create current state process documents and generate insightful Process Maps with granular nuances
    • Data-driven process discovery - Identify process gaps, re-engineer them based on data-driven insights & visualizations and continuously monitor process to avoid creation of variations
    • Automate faster, based on facts - Easily automate processes by using process insights & PDD. Streamline processes with insights on bottlenecks & workforce productivity 
    • Improve process transparency - Track & enhance process SOP compliance. Improve auditability, identify potential fraud practices
    • Rich, Actionable Insights - Process owners can now create custom visualization. Get user insights to chart out training & enablement needs
    • Security & Privacy first approach - Data captured only from whitelisted applications and data is encrypted at rest and in motion. Discover also provides role-based access.
    • Intuitive & Collaborative - Intuitive UX designed to suit ops & business user personas. Can be integrated with Process Mining for end-to-end process visibility.

Customer needs and pain points addressed
    • Helps discover process gaps & variations
    • Helps identifying and prioritizing automation opportunities
    • Drives process excellence across the organization
    • Enables grass-root level innovation across functions & departments
    • Delivers process compliance
    • Ensures continuous monitoring & optimization of processes

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