Nia DocAI

Autor: EdgeVerve Systems Ltd

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Nia DocAI is a purpose-built document extraction, processing and comprehension platform

1.Description of the offer
Nia DocAI is an Enterprise-grade AI offering that leverages advanced AI techniques including Computer Vision and NLP to help customers across industries to derive insights from documents.​
Key Features  
- Automated classification of document categories based on the document content or visual layout
- Complex data extraction from various documents types and formats without prior template training
-  Precise complex element extraction, e.g. tables, checkboxes
- Deep Learning Computer Vision models for object detection
- NLP models for intent, entity extraction
- Cognitive Search for natural language and keyword based queries
- Intuitive GUI Workbench for guided manual review with feedback loop
- Performance analytics dashboard for effective Quality Control
- GUI based orchestration workbench to create custom workflows
- Adapters for upstream and downstream integration with RPA, Chatbot,databases, etc.

2. Type of User Benefits
-  Nia DocAI can improve the turanround time for key business processes and can also improve the productivity of exsiting teams
by digitizing information locked away in scanned unstructured documents and forms 
- It can enrich, classify and contextualize documents, providing insightful business value
- Nia DocAI can perform enterprise search from a diverse source of enterprise data sources by leveraging its cognitive search
3. Customer need or painpoint addressed
Enterprises around the globe struggle to comprehend a deluge of data to uncover underlying business value. According to analysts, 80% - 90% of data within organizations are unstructured and inaccessible to business. Enterprise strategic decision-making requires availability of data, actionable insights and instant access to contextual information. Unstructured data hides business value and manual efforts take time and reduce productivity leading to inconsistent results.
Each business deals with diverse document types which have images, nested tables, checkboxes that forces the workforce to spend considerable time and effort in processing them manually. All these factors make finding precise answers to business questions from across Enterprise documents extremely difficult. 
The legal departments across enterprises are struggling with processing their historic load supplier or third party contracts and complex hierarchy that exists between the contracts, their sub-agreements and related documents that constantly change over time. Analyzing contracts due to multi-party agreements, global delivery models, pricing constructs etc. have a constant threat of revenue leakage as a result of mismanagement of contracts.

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