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Azure-hosted learning management & analytics platform for K-12

Winner of more than 50 industry awards, Edsby is the most comprehensive single learning and analytics platform available for K-12 school districts.

A powerful learning management system at its core, Edsby engages students, parents and teachers. It enables personalized learning experiences and gives school districts, regional or national governments powerful ways to measure their educational effectiveness. Hosted on Azure, it drives Azure consumption as well as school district-wide activations of Office 365, which it integrates tightly with. A powerful analytics platform, Edsby also embeds Power BI, giving educators powerful visualizations of whatever realtime educational data they're entitled to see by district policies, including student achievement, attendance, IEP or other data.

Unlike other systems, Edsby was designed specifically for K-12, so it includes assessment and reporting features for the unique needs of junior and elementary students. It respects regional policies, terms, standards and data security required in K-12. And it has tight connections to a district’s existing data where it resides in its systems of record.

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