Eduswitch Secure Browser

Autor: Eduswitch Solutions Pvt Ltd

A secure browser to run assessment softwares in a lockdown mode to prevent cheating

Without a secure browser, you can never be sure if the person who has been sent the exam link has given the exam independently or has had help from a friend who has used a screen sharing software to take the exam on his / her behalf.

Eduswitch Secure Browser Features:

  1. Navigational lockdown: The user cannot move out of the exam window till the software is shut, hence ensuring students do not access the browser or other resources such as word documents, pdfs, etc.
  2. Disable Copy / Paste: Shortcuts for copy paste have been disabled so students cannot paste text in the exam window or copy questions to paste after the exam ends.
  3. Blacklist Softwares: Common screen sharing softwares such as Anydesk and TeamViewer are backlisted so students don't use unfair means by allowing their peers to give exams remotely on their behalf.
  4. Screen Blackout: Screen sharing / recording softwares running in the background will not be able to access the exam window in order to record the screen using screen recording softwares, thus preserving the integrity of the question paper.
  5. Prevention of Screenshots: Screenshots of the exam window will not be visible.
  6. Multiple Screen Detection: If an external monitor is connected to the computer, the student will not be allowed to proceed with the test as he will be thrown an alert forcing the external monitor to be disconnected.
  7. Virtual Machine Detection: The secure browser exam software detects if its run from a virtual machine and throws an alert to the user, asking him / her not to use a virtual machine. Virtual machine usage for exams has become the most popular way of bypassing any restrictions imposed in ordinary exam softwares.
  8. Deep Linking: Using deep linking, one can open a URL (with authorization parameters) directly in the secure browser, thus removing the additional step of the user authenticating himself using a username / password or authentication key. This is not present in the current testing build but will be implemented if required.
  9. Customisable: We can integrate APIs hosted by you, in the secure browser to meet your unique workflows.
  10. White Labelled: The software will be white labelled with your company's name and logo.
  11. Muti OS Capability: We support Mac, Windows & Linux.

We offer the secure browser solution white-labelled in your company's name, with your logo and provide a 21 day trial for your evaluation.

There're no code related changes required at your end to get started.

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