Realize Your Full Revenue Potential. Identify, resolve, & capture missed charges with RevCaptureAi

RevCaptureAi is a SaaS based, predictive analytic solution that enhances your existing technology and harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to identify, predict, and capture missed charges—strengthening the integrity of your revenue cycle.


With tens of thousands of claims flowing through your accounts receivable system each day, every hospital experiences missed charges that rules-based solutions fail to efficiently identify. Revenue cycle managers need a dynamic partner. Especially as new clinical approaches, billing codes, and payer rules crop up daily—and the rate of industry change accelerates. That’s where RevCaptureAi comes in.


Powered by the most advanced AI and ML available, RevCaptureAi:

●      Reduces false positives

●      Requires no manual updates

●      Reviews 100% of patient accounts


RevCaptureAi works seamlessly with all major EMR systems and revenue cycle solutions. It leverages your existing technology, collecting and analyzing data across all categories and departments throughout your health-system—and integrating within weeks to quickly deliver results. 

ElectrifAi’s Machine Learning can increase captured missed charges by 50%, double auditor productivity, and garner millions in additional net revenue. 

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