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Automate your Marketing to organize your success.

Why "Marketingfabrik"

The "Marketingfabrik" enables your marketing department to communicate with your customers in a new way. GDPR compliant and tailored to your IT environment.

Organize complex marketing environment

Banks and insurance companies deal with customer data. This information is now stored in several legacy systems. This important information often cannot be used to fulfill valuable customer requests. With "Marketing Factory" we connect the loose ends for you and your customers. Our goal is to enable you to use this valuable information to serve your customers with the right information.
Planning your campaigns and selecting the estimated campaign reach within seconds.
Easy selection of the channels to be used for your marketing campaign Depending on the options and systems available to you. These can be, for example, letter, e-mail, SMS or even your call centre or your own app.


We have organized the architecture of the application so that it meets the GDPR requirements from the beginning.

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