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The HR Online System

"Solution available in Portuguese" Epays is a unique system of people and payments, with a simple and fast interface between the HR worker and the manager. With little effort, the online holerite and mirror point will be available to all employees. Epays also enables HR to pay the salaries of its employees or third parties, through prepaid card. Our main advantages: - System 100% Web - Uses Microsoft cloud technology - Holerite Online available by HR and sent to the employee's cell phone - Automatic integration with all payrolls - Making the point mirror available - Simplified data entry - Optimization of time - Specialized Support - Interface between the HR and the worker, simplifying the processes of the personal department - Space to send communications via SMS or e-mail to workers - Organization chart for monitoring company hierarchy - HR can send the documents. As an internal policy for workers - Club of Advantages, a benefit with discount in establishment for the company and workers. Epays - Employer Payments currently serves more than 10,000 (ten thousand) workers in Brazil with total security and simplicity. Talk to our team and know the best solution in between.

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