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Improve the digital competencies on Microsoft 365 of your organization thought gamification

TeamsChamp: Implements gamification in Microsoft 365 adoption processes and improves their use

TeamsChamp Boost the use and adoption of the organization's information systems (in which it has been invested) through the gamification of digital competences of employees.

TeamsChamp boost the use and adoption of Microsoft 365 and facilitates the organization’s digital transformation improving two main skills:

    • DIGITAL COLLABORATION: How to use the collaboration applications of Microsoft 365
    • DIGITAL COMMUNICATION: How to communicate using the applications of Microsoft365

In summary, TeamsChamp boosts the adoption process using gamification through its implementation.

How do we calculate those indicators?

We obtain the number of activities for each user, looking at (for instance) the number of documents shared, opened team chats, published posts on Yammer, etc; There are more than twenty signals to quantify; We apply the secret algorithm! and get the main metrics calculated.

Main application (Use & Features)

TeamsChamp has two main leaderboards where we show Digital Collaboration & Digital Communication

    • Global Leaderboard, where the ten best employees of the company regarding each skill are displayed ordered by their score
    • My Team Leaderboard, where people are grouped into teams, so this allows us to make gamification dynamics using Teams

Also, there is a personal employee information section, where each user can evaluate itself and know how much points or badges, they have earned, so they can know which applications or skills they need to improve.

Furthermore, there is a “Tip of the day” section where the best Microsoft 365 practices are displayed for each user

TEAMSCHAMP needs Tenant Administrator consent in order to use the app


M365 products used: Yammer | Microsoft Teams | SharePoint Online | OneDrive | Exchange | Skype | OneNote

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