Ephesoft Semantik for Invoices

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Document Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Accounts Payable Invoice Automation

AI  for Accounts Payable Automation

Reduce Accounting Invoice Processing times by 50-70%

Smart OCR for Invoices with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data Extraction

 Ephesoft Semantik is an automation platform in the Cloud that drives productivity through Artificial Intelligence for documents.   Semantik for Invoices is a point solution to help organizations create a digital workflow within accounts payable to automatically process and extract data from inbound invoices.  Here are some of the benefits:
  • Accounts Payable Automation - Semantik's pre-built invoice processing model will provide high accuracy on invoice data extraction out of the box.
  • AP Automation and Invoice Processing for Dynamics - Semantik provides seamless AP Automation for Microsoft Dynamics, and integrates through Power Automate into this ERP and more.
  • Invoice OCR for SharePoint - Want searchable invoices and invoice data mapped to Sharepoint fields?  Semantik's data extraction for invoices in SharePoint can help.
  • Invoice Processing APIs - Semantik for Invoices exposes webhook Invoice APIs that allow integration with Power Automate, as well as many other workflow and iPaaS tools.
Semantik can be leveraged as a stand alone AP Automation tool, or integrated with Power Automate through our connector to provide integration with any ERP or content services repository.   With a deep feature set to provide maximum productivity, Semantik enables AP staff to process invoices with low touch.  Here are some of our features:
  • Invoice Processing Vendor Lookup -   With Semantik, vendor master tables can be uploaded from the ERP and used for invoice vendor matching during automated and manual processing.
  • Key Field Extraction on 17 Invoice Data Fields - the pre-built AI model enables invoice header data extraction on 14 key fields out of the box, including: invoice number, invoice date, invoice, total, vendor name, and much more.
  • Invoice Table Data Extraction - invoice tables are challenging for some solutions, but Semantik leverages a proprietary AI extraction model to grab invoice column data without configuration or invoice templates.

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