Ephesoft Transact for Customer Onboarding (KYC)

Autor: Ephesoft Inc.

Solution for onboarding banking/financial services customers focused on document data extraction.

Process Inbound IDs, Applications, Statements and More for Know Your Customer (KYC) Initiatives

Reduce Customer Onboarding Time And Expose Required Document Data

The flow of documents for new customers can be endless, depending on the type of new account opening, and front line workers are struggling to process them.  With strict "know your customer(KYC)" requirements, the painstaking process of customer review can take weeks or even months.  Ephesoft Transact for Onboarding targets a key pain point: the processing and extraction of data from key prospective customer documents.  Here is a quick summary of its capabilities:
  • Process up to 200 country ID types and thousands of variations to extract critical data
  • Scanning interface for paper/physical documents
  • Digital processing via email and other methods
  • Full Onboarding API for Intelligent Document Processing through applications and code

The benefits for any financial services customer onboarding process are:
  • Reduction in processing time, typically by 50-70%
  • Enablement of deep KYC efforts with previously dark data
  • Rapid turnaround for improved customer service
  • Enhancement of current KYC and customer onboarding solution workflows

For more information you can contact us about Ephesoft Transact for Customer Onboarding (KYC)

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