Esports PlayerQuiz

Autor: Esposure, Inc.

Explore a Microsoft tool to enhance your esports knowledge with gamification and fun challenges.

What is PlayerQuiz?

Are you a true esports expert? Prove it with Esports PlayerQuiz, by Esposure.

PlayerQuiz is a fun and exciting way to test your knowledge of the esports industry with a timed and complexity challenge. A user can choose their mastery level: Easy, Medium, or Hard and attempt to answer the quiz questions correctly by beating the Buzzer.


  • 600+ game titles
  • Fully customizable questions/answers
  • Genre specific PlayerQuiz questions
  • Save/Share PlayerQuiz results
  • Fun to use for all ages

PlayerQuiz is a great tool for everyone. Your esports challenge events can be a fun, successful, amazing way to raise funds and get the community involved with your organization. There are unlimited uses for PlayerQuiz and the community building opportunities are limitless. As users add new content to the PlayerCardz database, they support the goal of building the most comprehensive and dynamic esports knowledge tool for the entire industry.

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