Archive Management System


Streamline and facilitate access to archives with everteam.archive

Everteam Archive Management System is a powerful fully web based solution for hybrid, physical and electronic records management in line with regulatory compliance. It handles large number of structured and unstructured data and provides users with a single secure point of access to the enterprise’s archives. 

everteam.archive allows organizations to meet legal requirements of trace-ability and conservation while protecting and securing their intellectual possessions. 

Key Benefits: 
  • Improve business-critical archiving process efficiency and easily adapt to organizational changes and evolution. 
  • Facilitate access to archives, ensure trace-ability and legal value of corporate documents and reduce storage costs by destroying unneeded documents. 
  • Increase compliance by applying retention policies on all records. 
  • Increase intellectual property protection and business stability in case of a disaster. 

  • Capturing data, documents, email messages, and files from any source based on triggers and actions, and store them as records. 
  • Archive Transfers and Metadata
  • Real-time management of all operations related to records circulation according to the defined flows. 
  • Taxonomy, Storage Space and Deposits Management. 
  • Multi criteria advanced search features based on documents, boxes or location reference. 
  • Integration with third party archive and record management service providers and facilities. 
  • Statistics & Analytics 
  • Multi-level permissions and security
  • Smart bar-coding 
  • Y-Archiving and electronic safe 
  • Retention & Disposition

This application is available in English, Arabic & French.

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