Autor: Evoloper Sdn Bhd

All-in-one user-friendly, lightweight POS, equipped with swift payment processing powered by ZEONIQ

POS Xpress

Effortless order with payment convenience

What's Xpress?

A lightweight app for micro-merchants to place order and receive payments on the go, simplifying your business wherever you are.

Revolutionize with simplicity

Pioneering a digital revolution for small merchants, we aim to simplify and digitize operations with our user-friendly, lightweight platform, empowering entrepreneurs for growth in the digital era.

Challenges in today POS landscape

  • Overwhelmed by POS systems packed with unnecessary complexities.
  • Struggling within the constraints of limited stall space.
  • Trapped by fixed monthly fees which does not align with the financial strategies.

Who's this for?

  • Small and micro merchants
  • Digital menu enthusiasts
  • Payment flexibility seekers
  • Effortless operators

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