Experian Address Validation

Experian LTD

A real-time hosted API for global address validation at the point of capture

Powered by the most accurate address and location data, Experian Address Validation is the fastest way to capture, complete, format, validate and enrich addresses from 245 countries in real-time. With flexible address searching methods, Experian Address Validation can reduce your data entry time by up to 80% and ensure that only accurate billing, shipping and contact addresses enter your database with the latitude/longitude coordinates to pinpoint your customers' addresses.

This solution works by standardizing, validating and enriching addresses at the point of data entry. Whether you use in your website, at a point of sale, or in a call center or CRM, the API integrates seamlessly for faster data capture. 

The address searching methods available are: 

    • Auto-complete - User starts to type an address into the form, and a suggested picklist appears with results for the user to choose from. The picklist results are continually refined as the user types.  
    • Single-field - User types the address into a single field, separated by commas. Once submitted, a list of matching or similar addresses are returned for the user to select from. 
    • Multi-field - User types the address into multiple fields in a form. Once submitted, a list of matching or similar addresses are returned for the user to select from.

Features and coverage

    • Real-time validation and enrichment, via REST API
    • Corrects, completes, formats, validates and enriches addresses globally
    • 245 country coverage, validating against official postal address sources
    • Global geocode enrichment for location insights
    • Simple and actionable validation response codes
    • Regular and automatic data updates
    • Purchase data on a transactional or annual basis
    • Integration guides readily available, with assistance if needed
    • 99.95% service uptime
    • Customer support via phone and email globally

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