Experian Email Validation

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Global email validation and standardisation at the point of capture

Experian Email Validation is the fast, accurate and secure way to capture, validate, and standardise email addresses worldwide in real-time.

The solution checks email syntax and automatically pings the mailbox provider to ensure the email address is real, valid and able to receive emails. It also provides suggested corrections for mistyped domains to encourage the user to correct the email address provided. You can seamlessly integrate the REST API into your Microsoft platform, website, Point of Sale, and more to ensure email address accuracy without disrupting the user experience.


  • Captures valid and contactable email addresses first time
  • Streamlines the form-fill process by eliminating the need for ‘Confirm Email Address’ fields
  • Improves email deliverability rates and reduces bounce rates
  • Equips Sales and Marketing teams with valid email data for customer communications and lead nurturing


  • Business and consumer emails – validates and distinguishes between the email types
  • Live mailbox ping - checks with each Internet Service Provider, via SMTP and unique methods, to ensure that the email address is live and active
  • Advanced filters – checks for spam traps, emails containing profanities, disposable emails and more
  • Suggested corrections – recommends corrections for common errors in email domains
  • Clear response codes – provides 6 definitive and actionable response codes
  • Fully compliant – GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliant, adhering with all laws and legislation
  • Flexible pricing- on a transactional or annual basis with no fee for "Unknown" responses
  • Usage monitoring - track usage and manage tokens in Experian’s self-service portal
  • Global SLAs - 99.95% service uptime guaranteed
  • Support - 24/7 customer support with integration guides and assistance if required
  • Free trial available

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