Experian Phone Validation

Experian LTD

Standardize and validate your landline or mobile numbers in real-time

With Experian Phone Validation, you can capture, standardize and validate phone numbers in real-time right at the point of data entry. The API references multiple sources in real-time to check the existence, validity, format, type, provider, portability and reachability of each phone number. Whether you choose to integrate into your website, at a point of sale, or in a call center or CRM system, our API integrates seamlessly to protect your data quality without disrupting the user experience. 

Benefits include:

    • Enhanced your customer service by ensuring customer contact can be made
    • Improved SMS marketing, telemarketing and sales by reaching more customers
    • Less time spent correcting phone numbers in your contact database
    • Improved ROI on SMS campaigns by contacting the right type of phone number (landline vs. mobile)

Features and coverage

    • Landline, mobile, VoIP, toll-free number identification for compliance with regulations
    • Coverage of 1500+ telecommunication providers in 220 countries and territories
    • Checks for number syntax and format, existence, network provider, porting status and reachability
    • Up-to-date data files that are refreshed every 10 minutes
    • Simple and actionable validation response codes
    • Flexible deployment methods to suit any environment
    • License on a transactional, per seat or annual basis
    • Customer support via phone and email globally

Plus, in North America:

    • A Phone Append service that returns the phone number associated with the user’s name and address
    • A Reverse Phone Append service that returns the user’s name and address associated with the number
    • 10-digit validation of phone numbers as they are entered 
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