Global Tax Platform – Enabling Tax in the Cloud

Autor: EY Global

Mitigate risk, control cost and drive value

Solution Overview

Built by leveraging our technology and managed services domain knowledge, EY GTP redefines how tax operates, utilizing Microsoft Azure cloud technology to gather and store data in a safe and secure environment. EY GTP combines a common data platform with the power of dashboards, reporting and advanced analytics to better support your evolving needs.

EY GTP also integrates with leading-class tax reporting software to provide maximum coverage for your global footprint. You can now address your global tax challenges efficiently and allow your tax function to focus on what it does best — driving value through planning.

Solution benefits

  • Mitigate risk: By giving you real-time access, control and transparency, EY GTP helps you mitigate your risk. Our portal allows you to be proactive and know exactly what may be missing or late, and what steps are incomplete or in process.
  • Provide visibility: You can also see roadblocks, and who’s responsible for them, across a project or engagement. Finally, you have a record of changes if questions arise later. As the portal is dual-sided, clients and our teams see the information and source data in real-time as well.
  • Control cost: With your data stored in a central data lake, you can repurpose it for different projects, and avoid requesting or collecting data more than once. Utilizing direct data acquisition, we can further automate data gathering, reusing structured data. This supports not only compliance, but also tax planning and benchmarking and delivers additional insights.
  • Facilitate innovation: EY GTP allows clients and the organization to easily scale up or down by using the best talent worldwide for projects, within your organization.
  • Improvise capabilities: As the legislative environment becomes more complex, EY GTP also helps modernize your tax department and avoid unnecessary or redundant technology investments.
  • Support decision-making: EY GTP analytics generate real-time exception-based insights at your fingertips to support your planning efforts and allow you to take action immediately.
  • Drive value: Ultimately, by streamlining and automating your time-intensive tasks, EY GTP frees your people to address higher value-added projects such as developing plans to keep pace with new tax developments and support audit controversy.

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