Udocx for Office 365


Udocx is a cloud native enterprise capture solution for automated filing of any document into Office

Documents are OCRed and automatically stored in OneDrive, or a SharePoint library leveraging (AI powered) recognition of in-document data. This data can be used as metadata to auto-fill columns in SharePoint, initiate workflows, etc. Udocx turns documents into insights by use of BI and analytics.

Udocx is optimized to efficiently process large volumes of documents. Using smart indicators like first page recognition, bar codes etc, Udocx easily splits document batches into individual files. Form recognition can further improve document storage, automatically extracting data and auto-populating SharePoint columns and libraries.

With Udocx, organizations benefit from a robust storage solution for all documents, and are able to find information fast. This way, Udocx contributes to achieve organization’s GDPR compliance goals.

  • Increase productivity and improve corporate efficiency by uniformly digitizing all documents regardless of their type.
  • Store and find information easily and quickly, contributing to GDPR compliance.
  • Enhance collaboration by easily sharing documents via OneDrive and/or SharePoint and use of Teams.
  • Automatically initiate business workflows from captured documents with SharePoint workflow and/or Flow integration.
  • Udocx leverages SharePoint security rules, keeping your data safe.
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