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An innovative solution that captures a variety of field data regarding Sales or Services.

About us:

FieldAssist is a Sales Automation Platform that efficiently tracks and manages your sales by getting clear visibility on the productivity of your sales fleet thereby enabling you to stay on top of your market trends focus on newer revenue streams and innovative products. 

It's a CRM software that is simple, safe, and scalable for changing business and requires no technical expertise. The company is revolutionizing the sales process of various industries like FMCG, Apparel and CPG industries by providing end to end solutions for their salesforce automation needs. 

Being a pioneer of sales automation in India, the company has served various coveted brands i.e Capital Foods, Mahindra, MTV, Bata, Everest Group, CiplaGX, Vega, Hamdard, Haldirams , Raymond, Jockey, Eureka Forbes, Lotus, and others. 

Target Market:

Emerging economies are undergoing the fourth industrial revolution and has become a better place to live, work, and interact with each other. Technological innovation including artificial intelligence and virtual workforce has become a reality now, opening up various opportunities for companies to meet the ever-growing expectations of the constantly connected consumers. 

To fulfill the need of customers, companies are going beyond and bracing up their sales force to be on their toes every moment. Indian retail distribution system boasts one of the largest fleets of sales representatives in the world. However, the biggest challenge that the industry faces is to measure the performance of feet on street sales teams. In order to simplify the process.

Why FieldAssist: 

Field Assist has become an ultimate solution to catalyze empowerment of on-field sales teams and power smarter sales decisions with the aim of spurring growth both in the short and long term. Serving over 50,000 users along with 103,200 SKUs, FieldAssist has successfully associated with more than 400 leading FMCG brands covering 4,500,000 outlets over 11 countries.

FieldAssist enables sales leaders and managers to automate the sales process, accelerate on field productivity, real time secondary sales data by providing business intelligence for sales optimization

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