Finastra ESG Service

Autor: Finastra

Making ESG and sustainability-linked lending simple

Finastra’s ESG Service is a cloud-native SaaS solution that simplifies ESG and sustainability-linked lending. Leveraging state-of the-art Microsoft Azure Cloud technology, being open and scalable, the ESG Service facilitates the integration of Sustainability Performance Targets (SPT) criteria into ESG pricing, helping banks deliver a better, sustainable lending experience to their corporate clients.

Finastra’s ESG Service is an independent application that frees the debt servicing platforms from the burden of additional, complex interest, coupon and fee pricing calculations. The ESG Service supports the definition of Sustainability Performance Targets (SPTs), input of data (KPIs) against those SPTs, creation of ESG margin and commitment fee ratchets, and the automatic calculation and update of those margins/fees for individual KPIs and in aggregate.

Business benefits:
Improve user experience: Simplifies and centralizes the collection and storage of ESG KPIs and ESG pricing changes, enabling banks to grow their sustainability linked lending portfolio efficiently while enhancing client experience and positioning themselves as leaders in this space.
Increase efficiency: The ESG Service helps banks to manage resources and time more efficiently by using an automated workflow that reduces time consuming and error-prone manual tasks, achieving faster processing time and freeing up capacity to focus on value-added activities
Personalized: Highly flexible and comprehensive, the ESG service can seamlessly manage heterogenous deal terms and ESG KPI’s using an open design that fosters adaptability for new functionality and collaboration with partners.
Futureproof: Cloud native SaaS application using service-oriented APIs, the solution combines scalability, high availability and automation.

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