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Firefly makes it easy for schools to engage parents and bring them into the learning conversation

Learning is a team effort. Schools need to engage their whole community to keep learning going and meet the growing expectations of parents.

The Firefly Parent Portal simplifies engagement across the whole school - teachers, parents and students. With Firefly schools can communicate effectively, manage admin effortlessly and engage parents completely, in one fully integrated environment. 

Communicate effectively - everything you need in one secure space

  • Keep parents up to date with what’s going on at school, with regular, targeted, personal and secure communications
  • Deliver personalised content, along with daily/weekly bulletins and newsletters
  • Manage communications through a single central hub 

Manage admin effortlessly - streamline school admin and processes

  • Reduce the stress and frustration caused by paper-based or multiple, fragmented systems
  • Simplify parents’ evenings, clubs, trips and activities
  • Provide parents with an experience that meets their digital expectations 

Engage parents completely - bring parents into the learning conversation

  • Make parents part of the learning process
  • Give parents a richer understanding of their child's school experience
  • Provide opportunities for parents to connect with their child’s teachers 

Firefly is the trusted platform for parent engagement and learning continuity. Every day we help connect schools and parents, to take learning beyond the classroom. 

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