FIS IST Switching and Acquiring Portfolio

Autor: FIS

IST/Switch is a credit and debit processing switch for card issuing acquiring.

IST/Switch is a high-performance credit and debit processing switch for all transaction processing needs for both acquirers and issuers.  The platform enables financial firms to populate card and account information for Positive authorization/Stand-in processing. Additionally, IST/Switch also supports Issuer validation functionality such as PIN change, PIN verification, CVV/CVC/CVV2/CVC2/dCVV verification as well as stand-in verification for EMV transactions (ARQC verification and ARPC generation).  The platform Is one of the most widely deployed card payment switches in the world, capable of linear performance levels benchmarked to volumes in excess of 10,000 TPS.  

IST/Clearing is a robust multi-card, multi-institution, and multi-currency interchange clearing solution that enables processors and acquirers to qualify transactions for the lowest possible interchange rates with associations and payment networks.  IST/Clearing will import transaction data from transaction switches and payment networks.  It will then.  It is a niche product targeted at the larger processors with complex acquiring or issuing interfaces and is ideal for any business that needs to process payment transactions according to their private member rules and regulations; through traditional clearing with card associations; or through private member agreement and card associations simultaneously.  

IST/MAS provide a robust, multi-currency solution for merchant accounting and processing of batch files for settlement. It is a niche solution targeting merchant acquirer providers with complex relationships.  IST/MAS allows for complex fee patterns, rapid configuration to adapt to changing pricing policy needs without the need for programming, and can receive transaction information from any switching source to provide a consolidated view of merchant activity.  

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