Autor: Fitix visualization LTD

Convert your product images into 3D/AR assets

3D content is a time-consuming, highly expensive, and slow process. It is almost impossible to do it internally. On the other hand, the demand for 3D content is on the rise after proven as a growth metrics enhancer.

Hexa3D is probably the biggest manufacturer for 3D content creation in the world. We are able to convert your 2D images from your product page carousel into 3D models, and inject it back into your image carousel. 

Why Hexa?

  • Experience with over $1M projects with brands like Macy’s, Crate & Barrel, Google, and more. 

  • Highest Quality - Our 3D assets are a perfect replica of your product. 

  • Fastest production rate  - We are able to create up to 2,500 models a month. 

  • Easiest integration - Implement our technology with one line of code 

  • Greatest business model - Pay per view and let us fund your hundred of 3D models. 

  • ROI Positive guaranteed - Our analysts will build for you a business strategy based on your business goals to assure ROI positive. 

  • Choose any 3D experience you like from the Hexa experience arsenal or we will integrate with your experience provider. 

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