Apps2Digital – Application lifecycle management


The intelligent and simple way to manage on-premises and cloud-based apps for digital transformation

Apps2Digital is an evergreen application lifecycle management platform that discovers, sizes and automatically packages and deploys applications within organizations' existing distribution software platforms, to any cloud based or physical desktop infrastructure.

Our cloud service offers a clear and concise view of the application estate and allows you to quickly understand, manage, categorize and deploy each application in the most effective way, while using your existing software distribution platform. Apps2Digital enables you to integrate your app management within your environment, use your disaster recovery strategies, and allow you to implement desktop transformation, mergers or acquisitions and more.

Transform apps in four simple steps:

  • Discover: Download our secure Windows Endpoint Agent and begin discovering all the apps in use across your organization within minutes.
  • Assess: Create an inventory to determine each application’s priority based on usage across the organization and build a resource profile to determine your hosting requirements.
  • Package: Automate app packaging with ANY platform. Take advantage of our pre-defined commercial application packages or create your own. Packages can be reused and modified in a repeatable way for efficiency. 
  • Deliver: Deliver your packaged apps to any on-premises or cloud platform with total visibility and control.

Get Started:

Request a free trial or choose the tier that best fits. 

From there, visit, login, deploy the agent, and begin to Discover, Assess, Package and Deploy instantly.