Fortude Mortality Review Solution

Autor: Fortude (Pvt) Ltd

Fortude MRS Create a safer process. Gain insight from every mortality.

Fortude MRS is licensed from Mayo Clinic. It goes beyond conventional mortality review systems and provides deeper insight, which will help you identify weaknesses in your operations.

Fortude MRS helps you directly address preventable medical errors – one of the leading reasons behind patient deaths in the US.

How does it do this?
Fortude MRS looks at all patient deaths and attempts to identify particular pain points and administrative issues in the care process. This will enable doctors, nurses, and administrative staff to work more efficiently and effectively, implementing better processes as they go.

What does this look like?
View the entire mortality tracking process on one dashboard. The platform is easily navigable, with clear, informative visualisations that provide deeper insight into the mortality process at your institution.

What can Fortude MRS do for you?
Fortude’s approach is uniquely attuned to the challenges in the industry. Through MRS, you can:
• Save financial resources and time
• Access real-time data
• Customize a dashboard to fit your unique process flow
• Utilize action tracking for more transparency
• View root cause analyses and take preventative measures

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