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Microsoft preferred solution

eSiteview makes remote visits to industrial plants and construcition sites possible

eSiteview improves operational excellence and safety at industrial plants by making it possible to work remotely at the site without travel.

With eSiteview you can visit your industrial site anytime from anywhere via a simple browser interface. Visualize your most valuable factory assets through high resolution 360 panoramas and walk through your industrial site as if you were there (factory, plant, facility or construction site). Take accurate measurements with eSiteview point cloud measurement tools and take your projects, outages and maintenance planning to the next level.

eSiteview includes fast and inexpensive reality capture hardware, post prosessing of the captured pictures and accurate measurements and a web user interface designed for plant operators, maintenance contractors, project teams and safety training. 

Visualize your most important data in real life locations with eSiteview Point of Interest (POI) functionality. Access detailed information such as: documents, images, videos or other type of data that can be uploaded and shared through eSiteview. Visualize your IoT information in an actual sensor location and get precise insights of how your site is operating. With eSiteview communication at your plant runs smoothly through your organization because everybody has an accurate understanding of the operating plant or construction site.

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