Fourthline Bank Grade Identity Platform

Autor: Fourthline B.V.

Compliance in excellent form

Every regulated financial institution is trying to balance the needs of complying with increasingly complex regulations and providing a first-class customer experience in the most efficient way.

Failing to meet these needs increases the likelihood of exposure to fraud, financial and reputational damage, poor operational efficiency, and, last but not least, losing business to competitors.

At Fourthline, we verify the identity of your customers within one minute. In that timeframe, we automatically run 210 checks that examine the ID documents, biometric data, current residence, and worldwide sanction lists, among others.

We offer compliance solutions at every stage of the relationship with your customers, and we support you in all phases of your business maturity.

With a focus on ethical AI, Fourthline builds its technology in-house, allowing us to incorporate new trends and perform more data checks.

This approach enables us to discover 60% more fraud and achieve an accuracy rate of 99.98%.

According to Forrester Consulting, organizations working with Fourthline could also benefit from a 390% Return On Investment and see payback under six months of using the services.

Consequently, European fintech leaders such as N26, Solaris, Trade Republic, flatexDEGIRO, and Vivid Money chose us as their compliance partners.

Combining our innovative capabilities with the power of Microsoft Azure's Cognitive Services, Fourthline meets all your regulatory challenges, mitigate them for the future, and ultimately turns compliance into a competitive advantage.

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