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Autor: FourVision

Secured storage for all your HR documents - Document Management for Dynamics 365 HR

Secure, enhanced Document Management capabilities. Search with associated documents, time-based storage and role-based acces to support compliance regulations.

Implementing a secure, digitally enabled HR document system not only eliminates filing cabinets full of paper, but it streamlines paper-based processes by grouping structured and non-structured data that previously was stored in separate locations. The Document Management Web App from FourVision will put your mind at ease.
This web-based application securely stores all your important HR documents complying with privacy regulation, tracking the expiration dates of each document and eliminating them per regulation. It gives you access to the HR document templates readily available in Dynamics 365 for Talent or you have the option to create your own and assign categories such as employment, insurance and pension.
The template maker has a comprehensive list of available fields for creating a variety of documents. Security can be tightened even further and document access can be limited by allocating permission to specific roles within your organization.

Key takeaways
- Central location for all documents
- Employees can upload documents
- Create documents and templates [formal letters]
- Notification of document expiration
- Auto-filling of personal details in documents
- Flexible and easily configurable workflow
- Multi-device access
- GDPR Compliant

No matter the current filing procedure of HR documents your organization uses, FourVision’s Document Management application is a step further to a more organized and secure storing system.

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