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Configure FreePoint’s SaaS Solution, ShiftWorx to Help Improve Manufacturing’s Big 5 Missions


Elevate your manufacturing operations with ShiftWorx, where unparalleled expertise meets agile, configurable solutions. ShiftWorx SaaS solution helps manufacturers achieve their ‘5 Big Missions’ of; 1) Safety, 2) Quality, 3) Productivity, 4) Costs and 5) Team Member Development.

Today’s manufacturer is faced with more difficult issues including higher labor costs, knowledge transfer to new team members, unexpected price increases and frequent unplanned machine downtime.

With ShiftWorx, manufacturers enjoy the benefits of consolidated machine and Operator data collection, reporting, and insights to help reveal production inefficiencies and make data driven decisions faster to improve productivity and profits!

Why We Are Unique

We know the shop floor! Our expertise is rooted in the proven principles of lean manufacturing and Industry 4.0. We configure our job optimization tools to adapt to your unique processes, ensuring ease of use, and immediate ongoing benefits. What also sets us apart is our team of Toyota Production System (TPS) consultants that bring over 40+ years of production floor experience, providing manufacturers a unique perspective on increasing efficiencies on the shop floor.

Manufacturing Benefits

Improve Safety

Use ShiftWorx Standard Work Instruction templates to better train, audit and recertify team members on a process, task, or specialty equipment.

Increase Quality

Manage quality issues more swiftly by visualizing your data on scrap waste and unplanned downtime.

Accelerate Productivity

Process reports, benchmarking and time-series analysis can map out your productivity performance against intended production goals.

Reduce Costs

Consolidate a number of manufacturing tools to help identify costs before they escalate. ShiftWorx modules included: Machine Monitoring, Standardized Work Instructions, Job Scheduling, Andon Call Box, Notifications, and Reporting.

Develop Team Members - Our TPS team provides shop floor Operators the expertise and consultancy to gain ownership of their workstation and work processes.

Why Start Now?

§ Resolve manufacturing’s 5 Big Missions with ShiftWorx software.

§ Instill accountability - safeguard manufacturing knowledge, and your bottom line.

§ Leverage Toyota Production System (TPS) expertise and proven methodologies.

§ Become proactive in resolving problems, not reactionary when trouble arises.

The Offer

For a limited time, we are offering a promotion of 14 for 12!

Sign an annual agreement by March 31st, 2024, and you will receive an additional two (2) free months of service!

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