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Easy Online Form Builder and Approval for Business

What is Vital BizForm®

Imagine creating electronic forms and documentations for approval, define approval chains, and submit them in minutes to meet all your business requirements. With Vital BizForm® (Business Form), you can manage the lifecycle of all company forms seamlessly. There are many stages including, but not limited to: Creation, Design, Submittal, Approval, Archive, Full-Text Search, and Access Control.

Your team can take advantage of BizForm’s® automated flexibility to streamline business processes, improve productivity, and lower operating cost.

Our key features include:

  • Form Creation and Design:Creating electronic forms has never been so easy. Whether you need to design forms for approval or for documentation, you can use BizForm®’s easy-to-use Form Builder to design a customized form to meet your business needs in minutes. Even better, you can also use many of its predesigned “canned” forms.
  • Approval Chains:You can define approval chains based on each type of form. Once a form is created and submitted, BizForm® will automatically notify and remind those in the approval chains to approve.
  • Form Retrieval from Archive:With automatic and manual forms classification, your team can streamline the archive process and make it as effortless as possible. Powerful search engine also makes form retrieval from the archive as easy as ABC.
  • Forms as a Communications Tool:You can set up a to-do reminder and online discussion group once a form is submitted, in queue, or approved. You’ll never leave no task behind!
  • Powerful Full-Text Search:The search engine helps you search forms and documents by keywords. Searching for forms within your organization will be like a breeze.
  • The Smart List:You can define commonly used form query criteria as a Smart List. With that, you can access the most used forms in one click.
  • Access Rights Control:The administrator can set up the access right for all users. Access rights control safeguards your information from prying eyes.

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