Airline Network Operations

Autor: GE Aviation

Real-time disruption management and recovery solutions for airlines.

Network Operations Management provides real-time views into operations from a single pane of glass. By integrating with an airline’s other systems, it quickly detects disruptions and assesses impacts on passengers, crew, and revenue. Then it offers unique “what if” scenario simulations, allowing you to see the full impact of a delay, downgrade, diversion, or cancellation—before it even happens. As an Azure-based solution, it takes advantage of the power of Azure to run simulations quickly.


Based on conservative estimates, potential savings could be as high as:

  • 18% reduction in cancelled flights
  • 12% reduction in delayed flights
  • 2% improvement in OTP
  • 30% reduction cancellation revenue loss
  • 8% reduced delay revenue loss
  • 9% reduced travel vouchers
  • 29% reduced crew cost
  • 16% reduced welfare cost
  • 9% reduced customer call center cost
  • Payback in 1 year: 10x ROI

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